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Stains the Cupcake dog

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The futility of life

I let my cat outside tonight.  She likes to go out and roam around the yard pretending she is a tiger.  Once in a while she will kill something and proudly bring it back to the house for my inspection.

Tonight was no exception.  I was reading some Kafka on the living room couch when I heard some meowing and growling outside.  This was the normal, “I want back in, dammit!” sound my cat makes.  I hopped up to let her in.  As I looked outside to survey what she was up to, I noticed she was not alone.  Another black cat was out there, and she was growling and meowing at it.

I opened the door and called for her to come in.  Instantly she darted off towards the other cat.  She ran up the steps in my back yard, tripping and falling hard on the leap to the second step.  The other cat ran off scared and Cici came running back in.  She remained at the door hissing and growling with her tail all puffed up.  My wife looked outside a saw a twitching little mouse laying on the porch.  We let the cat back out, thinking she wanted to finish playing with the mouse.

She ran outside, picked the mouse up, ran back inside and dropped it on the kitchen floor.  She sat there pawing and biting at the poor little thing while it whimpered and bled.  My wife looked at me and asked me if I could put it out of its misery.

Sure thing honey, I’ll get my miniature pistols out and put a bullet in its head.

All joking aside, I took the little mouse away from the cat and tossed it up and onto the kitchen counter.  I grabbed the large butcher knife that came with our knife set (who uses those things anyway?) and looked back down at the mouse.

He stared back up at me, his little nose twitching back and forth.  He turned his head from the the counter and gnashed his teeth at me.  He began to squeak very loudly.  I leaned to listen.  To my surprise he was speaking to me.  Pleading for his life.

The little mouse said, “Please spare me, for my name is Charles.  I am the last of my family.  You cat has brutally murdered all of us.”

The little dude was bleeding quite a bit by this point.  I began to worry about him.  I said, “Do you really think you can pull through?”

“Of course I can,” murmured the mouse, “I have been endowed special powers from being the last of my clan.  All mice are blessed with the ability to health themselves and grant wishes as they please when the last of their remaining family passes.”

I opened my mouth in astonishment.  I could not believe what the mouse said! Wait, the fucking mouse is talking!  I slapped myself a few times to shake the craziness out.  A dying mouse is laying on my counter, I am standing over it with a butchers knife ready to decapitate it.  Do you really think its talking to you? Just to be sure, I leaned back in for another listen.

Charles said, “I know what you’re thinking, and you aren’t crazy.  I told you we get special abilities.  Think about Fievel – that movie wasn’t fiction.  If you spare my life, I will grant you any wish you desire.”

I thought carefully about the mouse’s promise.  I felt sorry for the little guy, bleeding all over my counter.  I asked the mouse, “If I spare you life tonight and you grant me my wish, what good will that do you?  Your life will be terrible.  You have no family, no friends, no life beyond my back yard.  My cat will surely find you again.  Next time she won’t be so careless.  Tell me, why do you want to live?”

“There is no easy answer,” the mouse replied, “but I can tell you this.  Life is not about your friends, not about your family, not about the women you sleep with, and not about how much traveling you do.  Life is about living in the moment, enjoying the time you have, and realizing how lucky you are to be on such a beautiful planet.  Although the remainder of my life may be short and lonely, I will enjoy my time.”

About half way through Charles’s speech I got distracted.  He was babbling on about the meaning of life, and I couldn’t even pay attention.  Thanks a lot TV.  I looked back down at Charles.  As he stared back with his soulful little eyes, it seemed like there was a smile on his face.  I pulled my arm high in the air, and smacked the knife down hard on the countertop.  Blood sprayed out in the shape of a cone on to the counter.

As the blood drained from the veins of the little mouse into puddles on my counter, I wondered if he was right.  I had finally found out why they include large butcher knives with the set.

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A walk in the park

I was taking my dog for walk in the park today.  First, we went to the dog park.  He romped around like a mad man.  I’ve never seen a creature so obsessed with an inanimate object.  After I got his mind off the ball, we began to walk around the 2 mile loop that makes up the park.  I noticed two power-walkers come up on us quickly! Arms a-pumping and lungs a-heaving, it was quite a sight.  I began to imagine my life as a power walker, oh the efficiency!  Just think how many more mundane things I could accomplish if I did them twice as fast.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized I wouldn’t cut it as a power-walker.  I would start to challenge other power-walkers to games of power-walking CHICKEN.  I’d speed-walk right towards them, they would get aggressive, then scared and turn like babies facing a pig.  Eventually, I would meet my power-walking match.  We would collide with a force only rivaled by Hiroshima.  That would be the end for both of us, and anyone within three miles.

I passed by the power-walkers uneventfully.  As I continued my loop, I heard some noise behind me.  Turned and slyly looked over my shoulder.  Two little girls were approaching me on pink bikes.  I looked back forward, so as to not appear a pervert.  I heard one of them yell to the other, “pull over here while so she can catch up.”

Both girls pulled over to the gravel on the side of the road and waited for an old pick up truck to pull up beside them.  After the truck arrived, the girls took off again and speed down the road.  The truck slowly continued forward.  I didn’t think much about what was going on until I saw it happen again.  I realized that the children were riding their bikes, while the parents followed in the car.  Talk about lazy parenting.  Eventually they caught up to us and passed.  I looked in the car, I saw a man that was massively obese.  He clearly could have used the exercise, but instead followed the children in the most lazy way possible.  As a looked at him a little closer, I realized it wasn’t a man at all, but a WOMAN.

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