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Two Monsters

I thought I would share this short story I wrote more than two years ago. Made me laugh when I re-read it.

As I sat and stared at the two monsters devouring their salads across the table from me, my mind began to wander. Would they turn their attention to me next? Or would the next course come in time to satisfy them? My heart began to pump hard in my chest. I could hear it in my ears. Just as they finished their last bites with a crunch, a tentative little midget came running from behind a set of double doors. She was more scared than I and this made me relax just a little. Her life was on the line more so than mine.

The monsters began to grill me as the midget girl quickly dropped their main course down on the table and she scurried away. They asked me what I was doing here; why I had I invaded their territory? I didn’t have a good answer for them. I made up some BS about living life on the dangerous side, seeking an adrenaline thrill. In all honesty, the fact that I was at this table was merely coincidental. I was offered a job I couldn’t refuse – I needed the experience so what other option did I have?

They seemed to buy into it. They munched down their extra-rare steaks and drooled with delight. They asked me about my experiences in their area: what had I seen, done, and taken part in? I explained to them that I tried to participate in their society, but was rejected and turned out by most. A few friendly critters treated me well, but only out of professional courtesy and/or pity.

Suddenly they became outraged. These grotesque stinking beasts beat the table with their claws. Everyone within earshot cringed and hid beneath their tables. A plate was hurled through the air and slammed into the back of the booth beside my head. Scared for my life, I started to jump up to make a run for it. As my back was turned toward the monsters and I started to take off, I felt a mammoth paw on my shoulder forcibly turn me around.
What I saw as I was turned around will stick with me through all my days. The two massive monsters were kneeling on the floor at my feet. Even on their knees, their heads were level with mine.

With tears in their eyes, they begged me for my forgiveness and mercy. They were filled with shame, that the society they ran could treat a foreigner with such disrespect.
I helped them rise from their knees and told them to relax. I would hold no grudges and I would keep an open mind. I suggested they turn from the violence used to command the masses, perhaps they could treat their constituents with respect. In turn, the constituents would show respect to others.

With this simple advice, I left them and their dreary corner of the world. Maybe I’ll return someday to have a different experience.

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