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Work Day

We were sitting in conference room, there was nothing really special about it. You’re basic table and some crummy chairs that screw with your back. I leaned back, removed my glasses and rubbed my eyes. It was only 10 am, but had already been a long day.

The room smelled of sweat and decomposing onions left in the trash from the day before. Things were progressing as normal that day. Nothing going right. Nothing according to plan. But isn’t that what life is? What would be the point if everything you planned came true? Everything always worked out. Then what would you do?

I stretched my arms up and stood. I leaned side to side to crack my back and sat back down. Getting back to my computer, I noticed the person with me reaching into his back. He rooted around for several second and finally pulled something out.

He shredded the foil wrapper like a raptor who hadn’t ate in months. He voraciously devoured part of the granola bar. More than half of it was gone in less than 3 seconds. I had never seen someone eat with such intensity. He looked up at me with fear and greed as if I were going to try and steal the remaining bar from his grip.

He grunted, gruffly, at me as if to acknowledge the bar was his. I leaned forward to study his expression a little closer. He began to growl. Was this a human being or a creature of the night? I felt as though a monsoon had over taken him and washed his soul away, replacing it with a beast unknown to both of us.

I slowly backed out of the room, afraid for my life. I shut the door and turned around. Looking for someone to help. I found little but more creatures occupying cubicles, grunting over bits of food. A woman was leaping up and down screeching like a monkey and shredding her paperwork.

What had happened? Was I acting strangely or was I the only sane one left? How do I know if I’m the sane one? Maybe I’m acting like a madman to everyone else? What happens when you turn crazy?

The world was shifting out from underneath me faster than I could comprehend. The ground began moving off the left and up to an intense angle. I clung on as best I could, I was dangling off on my own till I was holding by just my finger tips. They gave way.

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