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Psychedelic Salon – Podcast 308 – Terence McKenna

I love Terence McKenna’s ideas. He was incredibly ahead of his time.

It is irrational for people to addict themselves to the consumption of products, to money fetishism and to linear ideologies. All of this is irrational, but is practiced with a vengeance inside the high tech industrial democracies. I maintain that we have drifted very very far from a viable social system. In order to return to a viable social system we’re going to have to revivify our archaic styles. This is going on all around us throughout the 20th century, as I said, in an unconscious fashion. But I’m suggesting that we do it in a conscious fashion, and that we admit that hegemony, monotheism, print created culture, obsession with stuff, that all of these things have played as faults.

They do not satisfy. And what satisfies is authentic experience. And authentic experience has been made almost impossible inside the world of media manipulated symbols and manufactured ideologies that constitutes the modern world.

So whats required then is a radical act of disassociation from these value systems. And what that means is boundary dissolving psychedelic intoxication, allowing the Gaian agenda to manifest itself by dissolving the ego. And by standing outside the structures of consumerist society.

When this is done, People will not tolerate the kind of human societies and the kind of allocation of resources that we’re witnessing today. The obscenity of great wealth in the presence of great poverty, The obscenity of further destruction of the earth in the presence of spreading deserts and cities, the obscenity of the destruction of our educational system with the knowledge that our children require education more than anything else.

All of these failures of will can be overcome if we can connect to our feelings. Because what we are is a person sitting in the corner of a room hitting themselves repeatedly on the head with a hammer. If we could feel what we were doing we would stop instantly. But we cannot feel what we are doing. We have ideologies, we have excuses, we have government spokesmen, committees, commissions, study groups, white papers, so forth and so on.

It’s perfectly obvious that Western civilization has shot its wad. Its perfectly obvious that Christianity has produced a nightmare of repression, of anti-human intolerance. It’s perfectly obvious that the nuclear family is a cauldron for the production of neurosis and the employment of psychotherapists.

It’s perfectly obvious that the most destructive drugs that we have ever discovered are peddled freely in every shopping center. It’s perfectly obvious that the drugs of transcendence that connect us up to the earth, are the drugs that those who govern us are most interested in repressing. We are living inside an impossible set of contradictions!

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