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New Dad Blog Birth Story

I read this new dad blog birth story today. It’s written from the dad’s point of view, its quite the good read! Check it out.

Today I’m a Brand New Papa – Baby Is Born

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More Church! – Heaven and Hell

An interesting video with the former Episcopal bishop of Newark. He speaks briefly about how the church is really just a control mechanism.

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sublimating robots

sublimating robots
corresponding hatcheries
alphabetic rhinos
all stampeding down the intergalactic supernova speedway

the devil’s psyche getting pumped up for hysteria
dogs with laser eyes chasing hypersonic cats
into the unusual abyss of slavery

the times churn as the logos permeates my soul, wasted

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Terrance McKenna kickstarter project

If you are a fan of Terrance McKenna, check out this kickstarter project!

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More Shpongle

From during the show

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Welcome to Shpongleland

Went to Shpongle last night at Club Zoo. It. Was. Awesome.

Here is the show intro:

Shpongle Intro

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